Nagano City is located almost in the middle of the length of Japan from north to south and is the capital of Nagano Prefecture.
The city has outstanding access to the Tokyo metropolitan area, Nagoya and Kansai by the Shinkansen and highways.
There are many spots in the surrounding neighborhood where it is possible to savor the charms of the four seasons of Shinshu (the traditional name for Nagano Prefecture); there are a lot of places where it is possible to soothe the mind and body with beautiful nature and elegant buildings.

Zenko Temple: National Treasure

This temple is a symbol of Nagano City that has been popular with the people over a long period of about 1,400 years.
The main temple building is one of the largest wooden Buddhist structures in Japan. This has been designated as a national treasure.

Zenko Temple


This is a multipurpose arena made distinctive by its M-shaped roof made in the image of the mountain range in Shinshu).
At the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, this place witness a lot of excitement as a venue for speed skating.

Zenko Temple

Big Hat

This is a multi-purpose facility used as the main venue for ice hockey at the Nagano Winter Olympics.


Matsushiro: Sanada Jumangoku Castle Town

Matsushiro is located in the southern part of Nagano City and is a town that prospered as a castle town ruled by the Sanada Family. This town brings to mind the culture of the Edo Period (1603 – 1868).

Obuse: Town of Chestnuts and Art

The town is known for its specialty of chestnuts. In addition to traditional Japanese chestnut confectionary, popular modern chestnut sweets have appeared one after the other.